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Through the Eyes of a Dog is told from the perspective of a dog. The story takes place on the dog’s walk home. During his journey, the dog encounters many different people who have different hairstyles, body types, and relationship dynamics as well as varying races, ages, and genders. When the dog meets each of these characters, he treats them all with a kind regard and does not judge their differences. This book is meant to portray the world through the eyes of a dog, thus teaching the reader to view everyone equally and concludes by asking, “how different would the world be?” if we modelled this empathetic outlook.

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New Colouring/Activity Book Available!

Nicole Lodge
B.S.W. B.Ed. M.Ed.

Nicole Lodge is a Métis author and animal enthusiast from the beautiful community of Fort St. James, British Columbia. Nicole holds two Bachelor Degrees with specializations in Indigenous Education. To support her aspirations in leadership, Nicole obtained a Master’s of Education in Multidisciplinary Leadership, where she graduated with Honours. Nicole works with children on learning and sharing messages of equity, inclusion, and identity.

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